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        We built a zoo, is my family's plan to make a difference in animal conservation, education, and the decreasing number of species that exist on earth. We are in the very beginning stages of our mission. However, it is never too early to start helping the animals of the world.   


       My names Alex, and my family and friends are very passionate about this project. We want to establish a biological park that benefits the whole community. Animal Conservation as well as rehabilitation and reproduction is our main goal for our animal friends. However, we also want to Educate our fellow public about these wonderful animals within their own natural environments.


      From all walks of life, we want to enlighten and educate everyone about the world around them. From Aviaries full of tropical colorful birds to a Reptile Discovery Outpost to Think Tanks,and Aquariums full of the oceans and waters life, we want everyone to leave with a sense of understanding and awareness of these wonderful animals that call earth their home.

News & Updates!

Good Evening Everyone! Small Update here. We Built A Zoo is now the proud care takers of 4 new species! Yellow Bellied Slider Turtles are awaiting a custom habitat enclosure as well as a Juvenile Amieva Festiva Lizard, and lastly a Tokay Gecko! Hope everyone is having a great start to their summer! More Updates to Come
Huge Update here at We Built A Zoo! We apologize for the lengthy time between our last update, but we can assure you we have been very busy working with our animals and facilities to better the lives of all of our animal family! Since our last update our Zoological Park has taken in A Quail for our avian sector. Also our Reptile Outpost has grown significantly with the additions of a Chinese Water Dragon, 2 Armadillo Lizards, A Brown Basilisk Lizard, A baby Box Turtle, A Green Veiled Chameleon, A 5' Black Snake, and lastly a 4' 5" California King Snake!So much going on hopefully the rains we've been having lately will subside and we more outside on our facilities and animals on these lovely spring days!

Spring Is Here! Landscaping and seed planting in process. Greenhouse Plans being drawn up and built, and the arrival of our 4 newest rescues! Little Spring Duckling have now taken up residence at We Built A Zoo! 

Good Afternoon everyone! Small update on our newest rescues and animals. We have acquired 8 new animal friends ranging over 3 species! 4 Fiddler Crabs, 3  Poecilia (Molly Fish), and 1 Cuban Knight Anole now call We Built A Zoo home & Seascapes Oceania & Freshwater Aquarium!  

  • Hey everyone! Hope all is having a good night! Big update on whats going on at We Built A Zoo Zoological Park lots of new arrivals and more on the way in our aquatics dept. We have taken in two Cockatiels a female Diamond Dove and six lizards; two Long Tailed Lizards, two Green Anoles, and 2 Bahaman Anoles! Lots of new faces to our amazing animal friends! We have taken on a fun creative project by using a unique way to go about recycling. We have 3 TV's that are in the process of being converted into aquariums. If we succeed in the building process of this they will likely be displayed in the near future at our Seascapes, Oceania & Freshwater Aquarium! Our 32" TV aquarium is nearing completion! More updates soon to come on them. Lastly our webpages have been updated to showcase our Prehistoric Valley Zoo (If it were possible this would be our version for fun) Learn about various dinosaurs and interesting tid-bits about the prehistoric past! Stay tuned for future updates soon! Going to try to post some concept art of some of our plans for your future zoo!

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Fun Fact...

When was the first zoo built?

 Established by Queen Hatshepsut, the first real zoo was built in 1500 B.C in Egypt by collecting animals from all over Africa. Later, Emperor Wen Wang of China built a zoo to show his wealth and power.

We here at We Built A Zoo love Dinosaurs! These were such amazing creatures that roamed the earth millions of years ago! Click here to see what We Built A Zoo would look like if we could have Dinosaurs on Exhibit! 

Project in the works!
Outdoor Blue Crab Breeding Exhibit!
& Building with recycled pallets! Go Green! Recycle and Re-use!