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        We built a zoo, is my family's plan to make a difference in animal conservation, education, and the decreasing number of species that exist on earth. We are in the very beginning stages of our mission. However, it is never too early to start helping the animals of the world.   


       My names Alex, and my family and friends are very passionate about this project. We want to establish a biological park that benefits the whole community. Animal Conservation as well as rehabilitation and reproduction is our main goal for our animal friends. However, we also want to Educate our fellow public about these wonderful animals within their own natural environments.


      From all walks of life, we want to enlighten and educate everyone about the world around them. From Aviaries full of tropical colorful birds to a Reptile Discovery Outpost to Think Tanks,and Aquariums full of the oceans and waters life, we want everyone to leave with a sense of understanding and awareness of these wonderful animals that call earth their home.

News & Updates!

We Built A Zoo is getting ready to welcome it's newest family member! The European Legless Lizard!

Legless lizards may look like snakes, but they are true lizards. Unlike snakes, they have movable eyelids, several rows of belly scales, and the ability to break off their tail when they are in danger. Although many members of this family lack limbs, this is not a characteristic of every species. While the family contains both limbless and limned lizards, the skull, teeth and tongue of these species are anatomically similar.

Jan. 6
Winter is diffidently here! Hope everyone fairs well with the snow today! Winter has slowed us down with some of our building but the reptile house is smoothly coming along and hopefully once it is finished in the spring, we will begin construction on our Aviary!
The Snapping Turtle we took in as a rescue is doing fantastic! When hit by a school bus we were called in to take care of him. This snappy little buddy's shell is starting to fuse back together and has been introduced to an aquatic habitat again!
Nov. 28
Our Colonies have started and are becoming mature enough to breed! Not only do these Madagascar Hissers and  Dubia Roaches make awesome pets, they are also a great food source for a lot of our reptiles! Just one juvanile giant Island Roach can equal up to 4x the needed nutrients and protiens an animal gets from 1 cricket!

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We here at We Built A Zoo love Dinosaurs! These were such amazing creatures that roamed the earth millions of years ago! Click here to see what We Built A Zoo would look like if we could have Dinosaurs on Exhibit! 

Project in the works!
Outdoor Blue Crab Breeding Exhibit!
& Building with recycled pallets! Go Green! Recycle and Re-use!

Fun Fact...

When was the first zoo built?

 Established by Queen Hatshepsut, the first real zoo was built in 1500 B.C in Egypt by collecting animals from all over Africa. Later, Emperor Wen Wang of China built a zoo to show his wealth and power.